2008 Olympic Bronze Medalist


PAN AM  GAMES Gold Medalist

“Thanks Doc G for tuning me up for the Olympic Games! My knee felt so much better with the treatments you gave me during training camp. I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Jill Kintner
Cycling Professional


2008 Olympic Silver Medalist

“Doc G helped me fine tune my nutrition and also helped alleviate back pain from a few crashes I had on my bike. This enabled me to continue my preparation for the Olympic Games. Also, I don’t have a problem flying from LA to Monterey to see Doc G, he is worth it!”

Mike Day
Cycling Professional

“After I had surgery to repair my broken leg, I went to Doc G for laser and nutritional therapy to help fast track the healing. After being on a comprehensive plan that Doc had me on for 6 months, I was ready to go for the Pan American Games. ”

Jason Richardson
Cycling Professional



“With several visits with Doctor G I am now pain free. Not only has his expertise in health prevented injuries and improved my mechanics in dancing, but  he has enhanced my lifestyle!”

Nikol Klein

Professional Ballet Dancer

1011 CASS STREET, SUITE 108,  MONTEREY, CA 93940 (831) 372-8826

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A Local Patient’s Story

     For the past year, I have seen Dr. Gunter for a myriad of issues.    I am 51, and though in good health, I oftentimes suffer with aches and pains, routinely in one of my knees and in my right shoulder area.  Also, for the past 5 years I have had trouble sleeping through the night so I got into the habit of taking Tylenol PM on a nightly basis.

     With regards to the aches and pains, I have experienced significant relief due to Dr. Gunter’s adjustments.  My shoulder is so much better and I can go weeks without experiencing pain whereas before I had adjustments I lived with daily discomfort.  After Dr. Gunter adjusts my neck I find the additional benefit of my sinuses opening up.

    And I am ecstatic to say that I no longer need Tylenol PM to sleep through the night.  I have been taking the nutritional supplements that Dr. Gunter recommends which has made going to sleep and staying asleep through the night possible…every night! 

     Dr. Gunter also uses laser treatments for inflammation, which has helped my knee tremendously. Even the recent sore throat that both my daughter and I had was relieved almost immediately, and he says it was because the laser reduced the inflammation that causes the pain. We just thought it was great!

    In addition, I oftentimes react to certain foods by feeling my lips and tongue swell up in blisters.  When this happens, I take the supplements that Dr. Gunter recommends and the swelling and discomfort subside within minutes.


     Dr. Gunter has helped me in so many different ways.  He is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and helpful.  I highly recommend seeing him.

Ms. E. M., JD

Pacific Grove